No More Enemies will change your perspective.
Then you can help change the world.

About the book.  For most of us, seeing any adversary as necessarily an enemy is the most familiar option—but it is not the best option. To leverage an urgent upgrade, we have new tools that our grandparents did not have (the book talks about them). The task is challenging, but not impossible. Now is a good time to get started.

“Enemies” is such an old idea that it seems preordained and permanent. In fact, it’s become a bad paradigm, past its sell-by date, ready for the dust bin. We are used to it, but we have to let it go. And if not now, when?

No More Enemies (the book) is conversational, yet deep–referencing wildly diverse fields (in Part I) from endosymbiosis to religion to the study of yeast… plus vivid stories from the author’s life and work in Israel/Palestine (Parts II and III).

No More Enemies will show you that a world beyond enemies is really possible… even in the Middle East… or wherever you live. First we adopt a different paradigm; then, everything changes.

Moving toward a No More Enemies world is up to us. Using the NME Reader’s Toolbox in Part IV of the book, you can take ownership of this process.

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